Thursday, October 30, 2014

"It was Great"

Summer is over - it was a great one!  The first time in the past 7 years that I haven't had to plan a conference or dinner.  I was able to focus on my family the entire summer - it was a great one!

After our girl trip to see some of our besties, we didn't do too much - it was a great one!  We did have family visit - my brother from Pennsylvania and his family came out to Washington for the first time ever.  The little cousins had a great time getting to know each other and play together - we swam and swam and swam some more... and had family pics taken - aren't they great!


I also got to volunteer at Creation NW the last week of July - it was great!  I got to listen to some awesome bands, sell t-shirts and see some friends - it was great!

Taylor got to start skating - the first time in 5 months - it was great! And was in the Benton Franklin Fair Parade with his team mate & buddy Beau!

Brayden tried out for the Midget Rep team and he made the team - isn't that great! and, Lance is helping to assist coaching the team - isn't that great?!

We did some updates on our house at the last minute because we decided to billet an Ams player - got new carpet and made a guest room - isn't that great!  However, our player went back home after a few weeks...

So now school has started - we are all back into our routines.  The best thing is that BOTH GIRLS get to go to school with ME!  It is great!

Brayden turned 16!!  Can't believe that my baby boy is driving!!

And my big boy is back on the ice!  Isn't that great!!!

And Brayden went to his first Formal Dance!  Isn't that great!!

And we all made it to the Pumpkin Patch!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Some Summer Trips...

As promised in my previous post, here are some pictures from some of our summer fun trips!

The boys and I first took a quick trip to Spokane to pick up Taylor from the airport.  Taylor went to Colorado to visit his hockey buddy Beau.  This is some of the fun at the park that day...

Soon after  getting home, we took off for our first camping trip to one of our favorites, which we haven't been to in a LOOOOONG time!  Wallowa Lake!!  We had a great time "roughing" it in our tents, riding go carts, playing mini golf, eating ice cream cones, taking walks, and playing on the lake...

A few weeks later, Lance and I escaped to San Francisco (our first time).  It was a wonderful time!!

The girls and I took a road trip to Seattle to visit some of our besties - the Elsasser's :)  We had so much fun just playing around their house with their chickens, zipline and Joshua - as well as - going to the American Girl Store!

We have one more trip planned... Summer is almost over :( :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ahh... Summer!!!!

Yay! for summer!  I'm so ecstatic that it's SUMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER!!

RESTING is definately happening now!  

I did survive a week of _______ (your choice of word goes here ;) ) the first week of June was my last week of school so I had many days of "fun" and report cards to be done AND my first born son graduated from high school - waaaaaaa.  Actually, I didn't cry too much! Surprise! Surprise! well... that's because i had already cried while going down "memory lane" in preparing the photo collage :) and... he's not going anywhere! :)  He'll be home playing for ...

Here's some pics of graduation:

We had a great time at his party.  It was perfect to have the Stanley Cup on during it too.  Afterwards, Lance and I got to help for a few hours at the All Night Sr. Party.  We especially enjoyed having our friends (almost like family) here to help us celebrate, decorate and visit with - we love the Elsassers :)

This past year has really been a tough one and full of changes - some that we are still praying about.  I'm looking forward to settling into where God has led us so far.  Right now I get to enjoy the summer with a whole lot of NOTHING! It's the first time in about 6 years that i don't have to plan or organize a conference or benefit dinner - it's definately time for a break...  I'm enjoying it so far but am having a hard time doing absolutely nothing so... I've decided to sell Thirty-One Gifts for fun!  It has been fun so far :)  If you want to see my website click here  I really need some people to host a party very soon!!  So let me know!

We are also having fun going to the club (I'm hoping to get back into shape before our big Cabo trip later this year), hanging out at the club's waterslides and swimming at my mom's.

In a few months, we will be having another driver at our house! YIKES!  We are kind of looking for cars for him but we got a "wild" hair and decided to trade in my precious suburban!! I know!  Are you in shock right now!!  I think i still am!  LOL!!  There are many reasons involved here: we will have 4 cars at our house soon and most of the driving is just me and the girls; hoping to save $300+ a month to help pay for the girls to go to my school next year; and ??? i guess those are the main reasons - maybe also just needed another change (I hope it's not a mid life crisis thing - lol - hadn't really thought about that - probably not - but we did buy the first car we looked at! LOL )  oh well... its a 2013 Toyota Venza

Hopefully, my next post will be of some summer fun trips - until next time...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's Been Happening???

Well... a whole heck of alot - and nothing...REST!

Some things have changed since my last post that I didn't think would happen but God did.  He planted some seeds in my heart about a year ago about stepping down from HFTF (Heart For The Fatherless) but it wasn't until soon after my last post in October and then confirmation in January that it was indeed what He wanted me to do.  REST!  I'm trying my best but when you have 4 active kids and working full time - it's hard to do some times but I think that He's wanting me to rest more in Him - i'm excited to see what the next part of His plan for me/us are.  My prayer is that HFTF will continue to grow and spread God's heart for the orphan and provide support for families that are adopting or fostering.  I'm not going to lie - it has been hard letting go and I miss many of the people...

So... some family updates...

Taylor is now 18 and is getting ready to graduate from Kamiakin.  It has been a blessing to have him living and playing at home for the Tri City Americans this past year.  His season was off to a FABULOUS start but quickly took a turn when he took a blindsided hit from Brendan Leipsic - it really was an awful hit - it goes thru my mind many times and i just cringe! He was hit so hard in mid ice that he broke his shoulder BAD- after surgery and a few months of healing he was back on the ice but a few games later he tore his acl.  He played for about 6 weeks before he decided that he just couldn't play anymore.  It was a tough decision because this summer is the first year that he could be considered for the NHL draft but with him playing hurt he wasn't putting up the numbers that he needed. With a 6 -8 month recovery time for acl surgery - it was time to call it a season and repair his knee and start to get ready for the next season!  These few months are going to be hard for him - he's so used to skating everyday or at least 5 days a week during the summer but he probably won't be able to put skates on until August.  He's not wasting time now though - he planning on doing alot of bicycle riding and upper body workouts for now.

Brayden is now playing hockey!  He just started with spring hockey and is doing great!  He was also doing great at swimming but decided he was done right after Christmas - this was a shocker and while we tried to figure out why and what he wanted to do next he took his Driver's Ed class.  So, he's permitted and should be practicing driving but would rather not.  I'm hoping that he gets a desire to drive soon so that he's ready by October to get his license!  I'm super proud of his first year in High School  - he's taking 2 honors courses and an AP course and seems to be doing really good.  We are praying that he does great on his AP test coming up soon!

Hayleigh has been doing recreational cheer at All American gymnastics but I think that's over now.  She seems to have a desire to play soccer - we shall see what that is like this summer.

Maylynn is doing ballet and tap and will be having a recital in June.  She too wants to try her summer at soccer.  Since i've had more time, i FINALLY filed the paperwork to readopt her and we finalized it the day after her birthday on April 18th.  This is the VERY last step in the adoption process which basically get her an american birth certificate... an expensive one - $230!  i'm just glad that i did the paperwork myself (pro se) and saved me another $500+???  whew!  We  I am so glad that is FINALLY done!  what a relief!

The past few months have been a good beginning at "resting".  We've been focusing on time with our kids more and have even started a bible study with our boys and a few of their friends - it's been really fun.  We are going through the book of John.

I've also gotten back into exercising and eating healthy - i'm hoping with less stress and more exercise that my migraines will go away...

Since the weather has been nicer, we've been focusing on getting our back yard in shape - hoping to have a graduation open house back there in June for this graduate:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Catching up...

Oh my goodness!!  I CANNOT believe that its been over 6 months since i've updated our blog!

Obviously, we've been super busy!! So here's a quick run down of the events the past 6+ months:

1. Taylor & I got tattoo's: Taylor got a cross on his ribs - i got "Walk by faith" on my foot.

2. April birthdays: Taylor turned 17 and Maylynn 6

3. Easter :)

4. Brayden went to Jr. high camp

5. My brother & I visited my grandma Huston a week before she passed away.  We were so thankful to see her 1 last time.

6. I (Kirsten), went to the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Tennessee.

7.  Taylor & Lance went to San Jose for Taylor to participate at the Pacific District Usa Hockey camp

8.  My aunt Shirlee visited from AZ

9.  Brayden's swim meet during Memorial Day Weekend

10.  Maylynn "graduated" from my K5 class at Calvary Christian School

11.  Maylynn had her first dance recital

12.  The girls had a blast at Vacation Bible School

13.  a few more swim meets...

14.  Taylor went to USA Hockey national camp and did great!

15.  Our sweet family friend had a terrible fall at camp - most of the rest of our summer was helping their family...

16.  Went tent camping for the first time at La Wis Wis - it was GREAT!!

17.  Had several Heart For The Fatherless Benefit Planning mtgs

18.  We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary by going white water rafting in the White Salmon River.

19.  I got a position teaching 2nd grade full time at Calvary Chapel School.

20.  Taylor was traded to the Tri-City Americans - a huge blessing and answer to prayer - however, it was a stressful time not knowing what was going on...

21.  School began:  Taylor a Sr. at Kamiakin, Brayden a Freshman at Kamiakin, Hayleigh in 2nd grade at Ridgview (mrs. McKintire), Maylynn in 1st grade at Ridgeview (mrs. Holte)

22. HFTF Benefit Dinner was help on Sept. 28th  - we raised over $15,000 for local families adopting

23.  Interspersed in the above events were various mtgs, support groups & activities for our non profit - Heart For the Fatherless

24.  Brayden & I had a birthday the beginning of October...

And that about sums it up....  I might try to find some pics :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hockey Season is over...

ok - the secrets out!!!!  the only reason why i watch taylor play is to make sure he doesn't get hurt!  as you can see in this pic - it's a physical game!!! 

just kidding! that's only part of the reason;)

we took a last minute trip up to Van to watch the last of TV's games this weekend.  It was a long trip but well worth it and so glad that we didn't miss it!  he had a home game on friday and played AMAZING!  so proud and glad that he showed off a bit of his talent - i just wish that the zillion shots on the net actually went in - he does too ;) LOL.  we then became "roadies" and followed the team to kelowna to watch the very last game.  so very thankful that we did!  he ended up starting the game!  so awesome!  the first preseason game that we saw was in kelowna and he was on the starting line up (he wasn't during the season) and then he ended the season on the starting line up with his best bud - Carter :)  

Here's some pics:

TV is in the middle looking down...

tv's buddy, billet brother, & line mate - carter popoff

found this team photo online...

this is BY FAR my ABSOLUTE favorite picture that i found online!  It reminds me of when he was a little boy asking for his favorite hockey player for their autograph :)

2002-2003 getting Ben Kilgour's autograph
tv should be home on wednesday after his grandparents treat him to a vancouver canucks game for an early bday present.  he will finish a few courses at kamiakin, rest a little and then start on his off season training.  he also has the usa hockey pacific district camp the beginning of may - ya while all of his friends are having a fun time at the prom, he'll be playing hockey - i guess its in his blood ;)