Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hockey Season is over...

ok - the secrets out!!!!  the only reason why i watch taylor play is to make sure he doesn't get hurt!  as you can see in this pic - it's a physical game!!! 

just kidding! that's only part of the reason;)

we took a last minute trip up to Van to watch the last of TV's games this weekend.  It was a long trip but well worth it and so glad that we didn't miss it!  he had a home game on friday and played AMAZING!  so proud and glad that he showed off a bit of his talent - i just wish that the zillion shots on the net actually went in - he does too ;) LOL.  we then became "roadies" and followed the team to kelowna to watch the very last game.  so very thankful that we did!  he ended up starting the game!  so awesome!  the first preseason game that we saw was in kelowna and he was on the starting line up (he wasn't during the season) and then he ended the season on the starting line up with his best bud - Carter :)  

Here's some pics:

TV is in the middle looking down...

tv's buddy, billet brother, & line mate - carter popoff

found this team photo online...

this is BY FAR my ABSOLUTE favorite picture that i found online!  It reminds me of when he was a little boy asking for his favorite hockey player for their autograph :)

2002-2003 getting Ben Kilgour's autograph
tv should be home on wednesday after his grandparents treat him to a vancouver canucks game for an early bday present.  he will finish a few courses at kamiakin, rest a little and then start on his off season training.  he also has the usa hockey pacific district camp the beginning of may - ya while all of his friends are having a fun time at the prom, he'll be playing hockey - i guess its in his blood ;)

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