Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's Been Happening???

Well... a whole heck of alot - and nothing...REST!

Some things have changed since my last post that I didn't think would happen but God did.  He planted some seeds in my heart about a year ago about stepping down from HFTF (Heart For The Fatherless) but it wasn't until soon after my last post in October and then confirmation in January that it was indeed what He wanted me to do.  REST!  I'm trying my best but when you have 4 active kids and working full time - it's hard to do some times but I think that He's wanting me to rest more in Him - i'm excited to see what the next part of His plan for me/us are.  My prayer is that HFTF will continue to grow and spread God's heart for the orphan and provide support for families that are adopting or fostering.  I'm not going to lie - it has been hard letting go and I miss many of the people...

So... some family updates...

Taylor is now 18 and is getting ready to graduate from Kamiakin.  It has been a blessing to have him living and playing at home for the Tri City Americans this past year.  His season was off to a FABULOUS start but quickly took a turn when he took a blindsided hit from Brendan Leipsic - it really was an awful hit - it goes thru my mind many times and i just cringe! He was hit so hard in mid ice that he broke his shoulder BAD- after surgery and a few months of healing he was back on the ice but a few games later he tore his acl.  He played for about 6 weeks before he decided that he just couldn't play anymore.  It was a tough decision because this summer is the first year that he could be considered for the NHL draft but with him playing hurt he wasn't putting up the numbers that he needed. With a 6 -8 month recovery time for acl surgery - it was time to call it a season and repair his knee and start to get ready for the next season!  These few months are going to be hard for him - he's so used to skating everyday or at least 5 days a week during the summer but he probably won't be able to put skates on until August.  He's not wasting time now though - he planning on doing alot of bicycle riding and upper body workouts for now.

Brayden is now playing hockey!  He just started with spring hockey and is doing great!  He was also doing great at swimming but decided he was done right after Christmas - this was a shocker and while we tried to figure out why and what he wanted to do next he took his Driver's Ed class.  So, he's permitted and should be practicing driving but would rather not.  I'm hoping that he gets a desire to drive soon so that he's ready by October to get his license!  I'm super proud of his first year in High School  - he's taking 2 honors courses and an AP course and seems to be doing really good.  We are praying that he does great on his AP test coming up soon!

Hayleigh has been doing recreational cheer at All American gymnastics but I think that's over now.  She seems to have a desire to play soccer - we shall see what that is like this summer.

Maylynn is doing ballet and tap and will be having a recital in June.  She too wants to try her summer at soccer.  Since i've had more time, i FINALLY filed the paperwork to readopt her and we finalized it the day after her birthday on April 18th.  This is the VERY last step in the adoption process which basically get her an american birth certificate... an expensive one - $230!  i'm just glad that i did the paperwork myself (pro se) and saved me another $500+???  whew!  We  I am so glad that is FINALLY done!  what a relief!

The past few months have been a good beginning at "resting".  We've been focusing on time with our kids more and have even started a bible study with our boys and a few of their friends - it's been really fun.  We are going through the book of John.

I've also gotten back into exercising and eating healthy - i'm hoping with less stress and more exercise that my migraines will go away...

Since the weather has been nicer, we've been focusing on getting our back yard in shape - hoping to have a graduation open house back there in June for this graduate:

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