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A whole bunch of stuff...

this pic was supposed to go at the bottom of the post - for some reason it went here instead - i think i'll keep it there :) 
I know that i say this alot but i really don't know where the time goes!!! i guess our 4 kids, 2 jobs, 1 ministry and everything else in between does it for us :)

I'm not really sure how/what to blog - its been too long... i'll update from the oldest to the youngest...

TV - his season with the Giants is almost over.  He gets to come home next week - yay! then we get to adjust to having a 17 yr old in the house again for 5 months - yay! no- really - i'm super excited to have him home and can't wait to have all of my kids under 1 roof again!  He's been doing very good!   Every time he's on the ice, he's amazing!...  there are several other things that i have written here and then erased over & over again.  if it was a private blog, i'd leave it but it's not -  but what i will say is that there is a purpose and a plan for everything.

i can't wait to have my big boy home!

Here are some pics from the past 2 months:

The Giants played here in TC on Feb. 19th - we were thrilled to be able to spend 3 hrs at home with him! We also had over 100 people come to the game as a fundraiser for HFTF - we made over $300 that night!  Thx TV!!

Carter & TV - roommates and linemates.  They are definately hockey brothers :) 

TV was awarded the academic award for january.

I got this pic from the team photographer to have printed for keepsake for his first opening night! pretty cool pic!
Just last week he was awarded the "hardest working " player award - this is the pic that went along with the story :)

BV - we had a little time recently where school work was not a priority to him but i'm excited to say that he's made a huge change in his priorities and has been doing fabulous!  so proud of his effort in school, his helpfulness at home and his progress in the water (swimming).  he's had a few swim meets and made it to the Inland Empire Short Course Championships.  He did great and placed 3rd in the 100 breast and 4th in the 200 breast.  We've also had a few band concerts recently too - he plays the trombone and was just recently nominated to the Washington Ambassadors of Music for the 2014 European Tour - this is a huge honor and we are super proud of him for being nominated but we won't know for awhile if he's selected and it would probably depend on if he continues next year with band...

Here's a few pics:

Jeff & BV after the IES Champs 

The breast stroke - his favorite :)
pre-band concert...
HV - oh... where do i start... this little girl is so special to me but she is also quite the challenge.  God has used her to totally show us a purpose in our life.  She has opened our eyes to SO much -

She's doing ok in 1st grade - she's in sped - she'd developmentally delayed - or just so stubborn that she only wants to learn on her own - so she is where she is...

She loves gymnastics and is on team level 3 at All American Gymnastics.  She's had a couple of meets these past 2 months and has improved on a few things (her floor definately needs some work).

The girls also got to go to the Father Daughter Ball - they look so forward to it every year!!


warm up stretches in Moscow , ID meet

they love their daddy!

Moscow meet

Home meet last weekend

with her coach- she puts up with alot - lol ;)
MV - Maylynn has ALWAYS wanted to do ballet but her sister talked her into gymnastics at the beginning of the year and when it was time for her to advance in her class - she decided that it was too hard and not for her... so, she finally began ballet!  She seems to love it!  She's in her 2nd month now at Dance Synergy Group in Kennewick (yay for Kennewick!!! - i did not want to go to richland!! ).  The bad part for mom & dad is that we now have 3 different locations to do drop offs & pick ups all in 1 night - oh well... its worth it!

she lost her first tooth recently - now she has 2 missing siince this pic
on a climb up badger mtn.

KV & LV - in the midst of following all of our kids around, we try to get other stuff accomplished!  We are very busy with our Heart For The Fatherless orphan ministry.  we are in the final stages of a non profit 501c3 status - we are hoping and praying this is God's will and the ministry will continue to honor HIM and help to spread His word about the 153 million orphans and how He loves them.

We've also tried to squeeze into our schedule a home fellowship bible study for us to do together - just the 2 of us - it's been great! I love it!

We've also been updating our house... here is the kitchen before & after...

very beginning stage
floors in & space open...

cabinets painted...

before new counters & backsplash

new counters & backsplash!! yay!!
The beginning of February i got a call that my gma H was not doing good at all - that it may not be long until she passes away from this life and to her eternal life in heaven.  looking back over the events of the past 6 months leading up to that weekend, i could see that God was preparing me to be able to go visit her before she passed.  Many things were supposed to happen that particular weekend but various events & things fell through that allowed me to be home and available - including me having miles for my flight!  So, the next day my brother and i jumped on a plane to san diego - the last time we flew alone together was about 28 years ago - we used to fly back & forth to CA every summer & xmas to see our father - here we were again... it was so good to see her and it was good to spend some time with my brother- we had a few good visiting times with her and said our goodbyes.  I knew that she'd be going to heaven soon, which was cool to think that she'd be at Jesus' feet soon but also that it may be a long time before we saw her again (or maybe not... you never know).  We weren't super close to her but she has always been special in our hearts - we love her and she loved us :)

My aunt Dianne & uncle Warren who took such good care of gma - it was great to visit with them

My gma - this was the last time we saw her so alert.  she passed away 2 days after we got home...

this was a special prayer that always reminded me of my gma h. - she copied it in calligraphy and i read it everyday growing up as it was next to my vanity :)  i love it and will always think of her when i see it :)
So... as you can see God's ministry and our kids are our life - God has blessed us abundantly with them (and a few extra kiddos here & there too ;) )  they take us places and stretch us too

We are gearing up for our last trip for the season to BC - Taylor has his last games this weekend and we are thinking that it would be nice to watch.  It sounds like their last home game will be quite the crowd - it's expected to be about 10,000 people!  amazing!  i can't imagine playing in front of that many people!!

In Him,

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