Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heart For the Fatherless 2012

For the past 6 months my life has been consumed with orphan conference stuff.  I love the actual conference and all of the resources that come together to make it happen.  I love that  God has something for everyone - we have breakouts on orphan care, foster care and adoption.  I love that God speaks to everyone.  I love that more people every year learn more about the plight of the 163 million orphans.  I love that people are encouraged to do something to "make a difference to that one".  

While the end result is always so awesome, the days & months leading up to it can at times be daunting.  BUT - God gets me through:)  This year (as you can see from previous posts) we have been extra busy and gone ALOT which created more challenges.  This year we have also filed for a non profit 501 c 3 status so we decided to do a big benefit dinner - guess when - yep - the night before the conference!  The advantage was that our keynote speaker for the conference- Tom Davis - was flying in on Friday and could provide a talk at the dinner the night before.  While it was alot of work, it all worked out!  although next year, we need a corporate sponsor for the dinner:)  The first picture in this album is a painting that i LOVED so much that was up for silent auction.

Our organization does more than a conference.  Feel free to check out our website:  to learn more about orphan care, foster care & adoption.  We have support groups for moms & dads, family gatherings 4 times a year and much more!

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