Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the rest of october... part 2 :)

it seems like its been awhile since i've posted... we've been a wee bit busy.  i had to get my camera out & look at my calendar to remember exactly what we've done!

let's see... since my last post, all 5 of us made a quick trip to the pumpkin patch.  i had a hard time holding back the tears remembering that the last time we were there TV was with us :(

and we had halloween - we didn't go trick or treating (we did that with the boys every year and since BV is a bit old to do that we are trying to stop that tradition)  we go to our church's harvest party and visit gma & gpa b for treats:)  BV was Dwight from the Office, HV was a little indian girl, MV was a princess :)

ps - i've had to figure out an alternative way to post pics to blogger (i dont' have anymore "free" storage) and hoping this way via shutterfly will work...

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