Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Way too Busy... part 3 (June con't)

So... we are trying to do some updates to our house but we weren't planning on redoing the floor in Taylor's bathroom - oh well!  It was a good thing though that we came home a day early from our Long Beach vaca to regroup before going to Spokane for Brayden's swim meet.  It was about 8pm when i walked into our bedroom and noticed the ceiling bubbling - obviously from water!!!  We sprinted to TV's room and water was EVERYWHERE!! yikes!  We mopped it up and tried to turn off the water at the toilet but the valve was/is broken -so... we had to turn off the entire house water - ugh! That meant that we HAD to fix the toilet THAT night so we could turn the water back on & leave town again... Needless to say - Lance was up until 1am!! I won't bore you with the details...  Here's the before pic -

And the after!! - we actually extended the flooring into the bedroom in front of the vanity - 

then we were off to brayden's swim meet in spokane - a little extended family vaca!!  love the fact that we got the hotel for FREE because we had enough hotel points (kinda sad that we have spent so much $$ on hotels though:( ) and love that the meet was a split meet - that means that his age group was grouped together and in the afternoon - so nice to sleep in etc...  We enjoyed the nice weather and caught up with some of our spokane hockey friends - miss them all :)  

  we also spent father's day at the swim meet - i am blessed to have a husband that is such an amazing dad!

the next event on our calendar was maylynn's cleft palate surgery.  she was born with a cleft palate and her first surgery was in china when she was 1.  she's been having some speech issues.  we were working with the "children's village" cleft palate team based out of yakima and was scheduled for her surgery in january but something just wasn't right!  they were great but something just wasn't right - including our insurance coverage... so, we contacted shriner's in portland to see what they thought about her palate. we had our first appt in march for them to assess her needs and they agreed that she needed surgery but step 1 (not step 2 -p flap surgery that cv wanted to do) shriner's recommended "z-plasty" surgery - they basically cut the skin and manipulate it to make the skin in the back of her throat longer to help with the nasal emissions.  they put us on a waiting list and estimated june for her surgery and june it was! we went up the day before for pre admitting appt - they just wanted to make sure she was healthy and talk to her about the surgery.  the child life counselor was great! they all were!!  they gave her some dr. toys to pretend on her baby that they gave her to work on (& decorate) and really made her feel as ease. as a result, there were NO tears before surgery at all! the only tears were while coming out of anesthesia & realizing her mouth was a little different & sore :( poor thing... she was a trouper! she did great during the surgery & after! and she got some special treatment including SLEEPING WITH MOM!! :) the recovery has been good and we've noticed a little bit of a difference - she has a follow up appt in september.  the other thing that i loved about shriner's is that they took VERY good care of her (and us) we felt like we were the only ones at the hospital and it wasn't as busy as a usual hospital... here are some pics:

watching movies while we wait for her surgery time...

the beautiful view of portland out her window

waiting... with her new shriners doll that she got to decorate:)

a little groggy after some pain meds - :)

the next event was a last minute road trip that i got to take with taylor to vancouver, b.c.  he's been wanting to go up to skate & do a workout with the trainers up there - so we ceased the moment!  we went up tuesday afternoon - he skated wednesday morning with nhl  & other jr. players that were home in b.c. for the off season (very cool) , had an amazing power skating session with the skating coach and then did an upper body workout with brendan gallagher.  the other best part was just being at the giants home office & talking with the gm, trainers etc... he's super excited for his future there!  here's a couple pics of that trip...

our last event of june was a bbq for the heart for the fatherless orphan ministry - it was a dreary day but we only get these opportunities for our families to hang out a few times a year - so we went with it and bbq'd in the rain  - we had a great time!

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