Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blowing through April...
KIBIHT Opening Ceremonies - 13 teams competing in the Tier 1 and 12 teams competing in the Tier 2 tournament

Spokane Jr. Chiefs took home 5th place out of 13 very good hockey teams! They did great!
Taylor lookin up for a pic after the final game

Maylynn passing time in the 8hr car ride home by blowing bubbles - she won the contest!

Taylor celebrates his 15th bday at the Ams game - maybe one day he'll be playing there on his bday:)

 Yes! - as always at the Vickerman house, time flies by but this month has been so windy - we are blowing through it:):)

Brayden's baseball season is up an going again - he has a game this afternoon that i hope to be diligent about taking pictures at and posting.  I just haven't been too motivated to photograph lately:( I need to take a class... oh well...

Taylor's been the one to keep up hopping this month so far and for the upcoming weeks as well... For most of spring break the whole family went to Kamloops, BC.  We had a great time spending time alone with just the 6 of us! The car ride was 8 hrs - we had no complaining - it was wonderful! We stayed at an awesome hotel (not where the team was staying) that had an amazing bkfst and indoor waterslide/pool.  We spent many hours on the slide - it was super fun!  But, the hockey was even more enjoyable!  I know that i am biased but I just think that Taylor is an amazing hockey player!  I love how he goes hard after the puck, uses his body to create opportunities, he's an amazing skater, he's big and others are a bit frightened when they see him coming :) , he has a super hard shot, he's an awesome playmaker and scorer - i just love watching him!!!  We are so super proud of him too and excited that other professionals/scouts are noticing him too:)  Next weekend he will be participating in the US WHL Prospects camp in Anaheim.  I get to take him down there and am really excited about spending time with him and to see what other types of opportunities might come his way.  All of the WHL scouts and many GM's should be there.

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