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Alot of changes have been taking place this month - change is good - i like change - i like life to be exciting and new - i get too bored doing the same thing over and over - i think that may be why i like living here too (the 4 seasons)- the weather changing also brings out new things to do too... Anyway...

Brayden had his last swim meet for a few months until the long course season starts -he finished off the short course season AWESOME!!!  He qualified in a relay team to go to the age group sectional meet - this is a regional meet (ie. our section of the US)  Lance took him to this meet - here's his recap including his analsys :):

Here’s a re-cap from the swim meet. Unfortunately, these times don’t “count” as personal bests for Brayden because they were swam as part of a relay.

He dropped time in every event. In the 100 Breaststroke, he dropped almost 3 seconds. In the 50 Free, it was the first time he was under 30 seconds. The coaches were very happy with (and for) him. And it was cool to see how much the other boys like him. And the other parents were extremely thankful he made the trip.

The venue was just amazing with live announcing, loud music, and the number of people. There were kids there from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.

The team broke 3 of 4 Channel Cat team records – they just missed the 4th by 11/100ths of a second. All of the team records were held by a team from a few years ago which one of the boy’s older brother was on.

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the team together (although I did try). I was told some of the moms did. Apparently, they will be in the next Channel Cats newsletter which might have a picture. But I did take some pictures and video -- which maybe Kirsten or I can put on Facebook or on Kirsten’s blog.

It was an amazing weekend. And to think he accomplished that in that environment and against that kind of competition is awesome. I’m sure most of those kids are full time swimmers that don’t play other sports like Brayden does.

Event  / Brayden's Leg /  Sectionals Time  / Previous Personal Best  / Time Dropped  / % Improvement

200 Medley Relay  / 50 Breaststroke  / 00:38.07  / 00:39.82  / 00:01.75  / 4.4%

400 Medley Relay  / 100 Breaststroke /  01:23.30 /  01:26.04  / 00:02.74 /  3.2%

200 Free Relay  / 50 Free  / 00:29.28  / 00:30.52 /  00:01.24 /  4.1%

400 Free Relay  / 100 Free  / 01:10.34  / 01:12.37  / 00:02.03  / 2.8%

Federal Way Pool
Now that BV is slacking off from swimming a bit, his baseball season is in full swing!  He is playing Major's this year and is on the Sullivan Rowell team - he seems to be enjoying it - they haven't won many games yet but it's still early.  I think he's the tallest on the team:) My only problem with the team are the team colors: black & orange (sorry Anji) but it reminds me too much of KHS colors :( but, i'm trying hard to look past it! ;)

This is Hayleigh's last month of gymnastics for a bit - she too is making a change - she will start T-Ball in April.  She can't wait!  This will be her first year.  She wanted to play last year but we had too many baseball schedules to keep track of last year -but not this year...

The only change for TV is that he's not playing baseball.  We are kind of having withdrawals from not watching him but he is much too focused on hockey to do ball.  Even though his regular season is pretty much over, he is still having workouts at AFS and power skating with Craig Bond twice a week.  He may be adding a bit more to his off season training like yoga and boxing...  his team got 3rd place at the regional tournament in San Jose.  They did great in round robin play but then lost in the semi finals:( Taylor had an excellent showing and lead his team in points.  The team just has one more tournament - during spring break he will be playing in the KIBIHT tournament in Kamloops, BC.  This is a huge high level tournament with tons of exposure - should be fun!  April will be a very busy month for him - he just signed up to play for the Kamiaking High School Club hockey team and may have some games at home this spring - woohoo!!! But he probably won't be able to participate in a game until May - he has the KIBIHT, then a camp in Penticton, the WHL Prospect camp in Anaheim and the Pacific District USA hockey camp in Kent - makes me tired thinking about it but he sure is excited!!

I am no longer working.  This was my last week as a Site Supervisor at a preschool.  I absolutely loved my job but it really required me to work full time, which i cannot do right now.  The family is much happier that i'm home and i am too!  It was hard saying good bye to the teachers there and the girls really enjoyed it there too.  Maylynn keeps asking me "mommy, are we going to go to your work? I want to see Miss Gina"  oh well - change is good:) We are just praying the God will provide for us financially...

Lance's change is that he's NOT coaching baseball this year.  It is really starting to eat at him and he's being pretty good about it but i'm praying for him.  I know that it's really hard.  But! I sure am enjoying the company in the stands and the help with keeping track of the girls!!! ;)

Sorry - not too many pics:(  I hope to dust off my camera and start clicking more but i'm kinda mad at my camera right now.  I really need to take a class or a lesson from one of my friends:):)

Change is good - embrace it!

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