Friday, April 22, 2011

Baseball & More Birthday's...

Maylynn eating sunflower seeds with Gpa V.

Brayden at bat...
Baseball:  Brayden seems to be enjoying baseball.  He's bummed that none of his buddies are on his team but it's been good for him to make new friends etc...  He's been playing a little bit of catcher, 1st base and outfield.  He hit his first homerun a few days ago - I missed it:(  Hayleigh hurt her finger REALLY bad with a rock and i had to immediately take her home.  As soon as i did - i got text messages that he hit it out of the park!!  I was so happy for him and bummed that i didn't get to see it - he'll just have to do it again!  His baseball fills up at least 3-4 nights of our week...and no, Lance is not coaching this year - it has been hard for him - he see's so many things that can be done differently and things that are not being done... poor guy:(

Taylor and Maylynn blowing out their bday candles together

Maylynn's friends at her birthday party
Teagan didn't want to be in the group picture :)

Getting ready to blow out her candle...
We celebrated Taylor, Maylynn and my niece Kylie's birthdays together on Sunday - they all have birthday's within 1 week! April is a crazy bday month like October is too!  On Wednesday, Maylynn had a few friends join her at the park to celebrate.  They all seemed to have a great time.  They decorated flower pots, filled it with jelly beans for the dirt and planted a fake flower in it. They played at the park - it was a "new" park for Maylynn to play at - she'd never been there before but i used to take the boys there all of the time when they were younger:)  They had lunch - Maylynn helped me make little flower cut out sandwiches.  Fun was had by all!

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