Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunset at Huntington Beach on Thursday nite

Taylor showing off his "guns" in front of the Angel Stadium - We happened to drive past it on our way to Hockey Giant. It was a really cool entrance and we just had to stop.

Taylor & Auzzi on the pier at Huntington Beach on Friday.

My Brother Michael and his family made a trip down to see Taylor play - it was wonderful to see them! I haven't seen them in over 10 years:( Way too long!

Taylor coming off the ice at the end of his last game on Sunday.

Taylor, Auzzi & Austin - teammates from Spokane Jr. Chiefs

While we were gone, Hayleigh lost her first tooth!

WHL Prospect Camp - Anaheim, CA - April 22-24

It was an honor for Taylor to be selected to participate in the US WHL Prospect Camp.  The WHL holds this camp in order to "see" western US players that may potentially be good enough for the WHL draft that will take place on May 5th.  There were scouts there from all of the WHL teams and many GM's too.  We spoke to several teams and a few GM's - it was exciting and fun.  

Taylor did a good job -He was on the black team which led the weekend in wins and won the tournament.  Taylor had at least 2 goals and 2 assists for the weekend, as well as many other game changing plays...  His last goal was the winning goal in the last game of the weekend against the white team – the black team came from behind and Taylor scored with less than 2:00 in the game.  Another thing that was cool about the teams, is that they are coached by actual WHL coaches in the league.  TV's coach was Bruno Campese (Prince Albert Raiders). 

When we weren't at the ice rink, we had a few opportunities to do some fun things.  We went to the beach, the Hockey Giant store and ate dinner out 1 night at the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney.  We also were so excited to have my brother and his family come down for the morning game on Saturday and my cousin and his wife come down for the afternoon game on Saturday to watch TV play and to catch up.  It had been over 10 years since the last time i saw both of them - way too long and hope to see them sooner than 10 yrs from now! We had a great time!

Up next: USA Hockey Pacific District Camp in Kent next weekend.  These are the best from USA Hockey in our region - i'm assuming there will be many of the same players that were at the WHL Camp at this camp too...  If TV is selected from this camp, he will participate in the National Camp in Rochester, NY in July...

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