Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What the heck happened to February?!?

It seemed to have been filled with sickies, hockey and a little bit of swimming! All of which are very consuming! haha:)

I don't want to bore you with all of our sicknesses, so - here's the hockey latest:

Taylor was selected at the Washington State USA Hockey Select Camp and now gets to pay more $$ to move onto the Pacific District Select Camp at the end of April in Kent, WA - So, he was 1 of a few forwards selected as the best from WA state! woohoo!

The 2nd weekend in Feb., was the State Tournament. The team won every single game and almost had a complete shutout! Soooo close! The championship game was the only goal that was let in - it was fun - Below are the pics of that celebration! Now Lance and Taylor will be traveling to San Jose TONIGHT (driving - please pray for traveling mercies) for the team to compete in the Pacific District tournament. They play teams from Alaska and California... The winner then travels to NJ in April for the National Tourney! I hope they do it! Good luck Jr. Chiefs!!

Presidents Weekend was a huge turning point in Taylor's hockey career. His team traveled to Minnesota to participate in a Super Series AAA tournament at Shattuck St. Mary's (beautiful school and area) The team did very well! They placed 4th out of 8 teams and they were all very close games - very exciting - loved it! It was great to finally play some American teams - we've played MANY Canadians so far... There was alot of people watching... The weather was also very exciting while we were there! Luckily, it didn't snow until Sunday but as you may have heard in news reports - there was a HUGE blizzard and "lucky me" got to drive about 45 miles in it - i definatley had "white knuckles" and the Lord was definately with us during that trip. We also spent some time at the Mall of America...

Last weekend the whole family got to travel together to the Spokane area: Taylor had 2 hockey games and Brayden had IES Championships. Brayden had to have qualifying times to compete - their relay team was fabulous and qualified for the Age Group Sectionals in a few weeks in Federal Way. He also improved on other events and placed! His team won the meet!

In other news: the girls are doing good at school and my work; Hayleigh is now on an IEP (hopefully, someone at school can find the time to teach her); Lance and I just make sure everyone is getting to their activities and sometimes we are able to find a few minutes to talk:) Yes - we are a crazy busy family but i wouldn't trade it for anything! (well... maybe for an occasional getaway - hehehe)

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