Thursday, December 16, 2010

A quick update (pics to follow later - i hope:))

Since Thanksgiving we've had 2 major changes in our family!

The first occured right after Thanksgiving - for various reasons we decided that the team that Taylor was playing for in Kent was not working out and removed him from it. It was a super hard decision to make and was huge ordeal (believe it or not) I wish that i could explain everything but it much too complicated - lets just say that i spent countless hours in prayer and scripture searching for strength from God to get us through. He did. Taylor is now on the Spokane Jr. Chiefs Bantam AAA Tier 1 team. He's thoroughly enjoying it!! Here's a link to a newspaper article about their first tournament the team won last weekend in Trail, BC - HERE The picture is of Taylor :) #93

Shortly after Thanksgiving, i also started applying for a job. My wonderful private tutoring job ended because the family had to move to Minnesota. I was super sad. I loved tutoring Sophie and will miss her! I applied for 2 positions - 1 as a realtor asst. - i interviewed a few times with that position, it came down to me and another person. I was dissappointed when the realtor called to tell me that b/c of my family being my priority that she'd feel bad if she needed me to stay late or work weekend (i was kinda looking forward to helping with real estate again)- but, i understood and felt that God had something else planned for me. Actually, the day that i was supposed to hear back from the realtor, was the day i applied for another position as a site supervisor at a preschool. I interviewed that day with them - it was soon after, that they offered me the job - however, it was for full time - i really felt that i wasn't ready for full time yet. They were able to adjust and hire an asst for me so that i could work there 5 hrs a day and take the girls with me! I was excited to start last week. It has it's challenging moments and everyday is something new - it's kinda fun - really keeps me on my toes!!

That's all for now...


Paula -- CutieFruity said...

I am so excited for your new job! Even better that you can take the girls with you. Best wishes to your sweet family.

Sue said...

Congrats on your new job!!

You'll have to fill me in!