Saturday, January 15, 2011

December in pictures (and not in order)...

The boys were BIG turkeys for Christmas and WOULD NOT pose nicely for a picture so - here they are! The big stinker Brayden:
And the Biggest stinker - Taylor on Christmas day!

Maylynn just sitting on the couch on Christmas morning playing with her favorite gifts: Jessie & Buzz!

The kids on Christmas morn:

The girls cooperating for a picture Christmas Eve:)

Taylor's team had a tournament in Cheney. They won the tourney! Maylynn was the "star" at her preschool Christmas Program - she was the only child that you could clearly hear singing ALL of the words to all 15 songs! Grandpa V was in tears from laughing:) it was pretty darn cute!
Grandma J. came to the program too. Maylynn was sitting in her lap here to hide/protect herself from Santa

Brayden had his first Band concert in the 120 degree gym! UFFDA it was hot! He's the only one NOT wearing a hat b/c he procrastinated in looking for one - live & learn (i hope)...

Hayleigh had a few friends join her for bowling to celebrate her 6th birthday!

This is the family celebration that also took place...

Luckily Brayden had a swim meet in Wenatchee the first weekend in December so we were FINALLY able to see the Christmas Tree lighting festival. It was great! I loved it that it was such a Christian event!!

I think all of these pictures are in reverse order of when they actually happened but oh well! And i never had time to edit them:(

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