Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great day yesterday. Our families all came over to our house - i cooked the bird, potatoes, stuffing, bread & corn - everyone else brought their favorite dish - it was a delicious day:) The only bummer was that our oldest, Taylor, was gone playing in a hockey tournament in Abbotsford. He had a great game yesterday - his first with this team - he scored a couple and got "player of the game" - :)

Here's the crew:

Fall is gone...

Last week we also got a huge snowstorm - we haven't had snow like this at Thanksgiving time since the early 80's!! We have about a foot of snow! The kids didn't have much school and have had a great time playing in the snow...

Week of Nov. 14 - 21st

There is a well known fact that many times when you do something "big" like an orphan conference - that many times you (or your family) will be attacked. This was VERY true for our family this past week. It seemed as if anything was going to go wrong that week - it did...It was a tough week and it had us crying out on our knees pleading to God to help carry us through - He is a gracious and loving Father and did just that! Some of our controversies this past week included Maylynn getting "throw up" sick for the first time, bad behavior from certain children, I hurt my hand, and the big one for our family had to do with Taylor's hockey team. He is no longer playing for Kent Valley - i do not want to go into details but it was time for him to leave and move on. This was a VERY hard decision and unfortunately had an unforseen financial impact. On the bright side of it all - after it took 1 week to get his release (it should have been 24hrs.) - he is now playing for Spokane.

Conference ~ Nov. 12 &13

This was a very busy but an amazing weekend! We had over 30 presenters and obout 125 attendees participate in the conference - not to mention the countless numbers of volunteers! We loved every single minute of it and have enjoyed hearing how God is speaking to people and working in their lives. I love watching people take that step and how God leads them along the way to His plan for them.

We didn't get much sleep that weekend but it was worth it! Lance was up until 2am on Friday night helping the sound crew set up for the concert on Sat night. and then Sat night was a late night after the AMAZING concert of Caleb & Sol, Broken and Rush of Fools. Each band "rocked the house"! It was a bit of a bummer that more people didn't come - the concert didn't make a profit from ticket sales -which 40% would have benefited the ministry but we did take a "love offering" and was blessed with enough money for a very small grant to give a family:) If you weren't able to make it to the concert and wanted to donate to the funds - you can do so here

And - if you want to get involved or would like information about adoption, foster care or orphan care, you can visit here

Kamloops ~ Nov. 4-7

Lance and I had a great time taking Taylor to his tourney in Kamloops - it was a very long 8 hr drive (very glad that we didn't take the other kids). We enjoyed our time together and think that it was the first time in 12 years that it was just the 3 of us again - kinda fun:)

I had to take a picture of this sign in the middle of the city - this city does have MANY tournaments here and hopefully we'll be back in the spring for another "BIG" one!

Halloween 2010 ~
Brayden as "Legolas" and his trick or treating buddy Joe as "Frodo"

Brayden had a legolas wig but wore it all afternoon at the church Harvest Party so by the time i got home from Taylor's hockey game in Spokane, he was done wearing it - i was bummed - i never got to see him in it...

Our Pumpkins...

My princess' - Maylynn really wanted to be Cinderella - I don't think Hayleigh really cared so she decided on Belle...

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