Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hayleigh's First Day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe that she's in Kindergarten! She was so superly duper excited to start school today and even more excited that her friend Hailey from preschool is in her class and was there today. It was priceless to see Hayleigh's face "light -up!" as soon as she saw Hailey walk out of the door of her mom's K class (she teaches Kinder there but not the Hayleigh's teacher). It sounded like she had a great SHORT day! Yes - a SHORT Wednesday (which i temporarily forgot about!) I realized that i was supposed to be at Hayleigh's school getting her for the weekly early release day at 10:50 when i drove through a neighboring schools "flashing school light" - YIKES! of course, i got behind the sslllooowweesstt driver! At least i wasn't the only mom that was 5 min late - don't think i'll forget about that again. But on the first day of school - oh my - what a bad mom:( Afterwards, we went to McD's and ran into several preschool friends there that now go to a different school than Hayleigh and the first thing that she told them was that "my mom was late picking me up from school today" - LOVELY!!

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