Friday, September 10, 2010

Maylynn's First Day of Preschool

Finally! Maylynn was so excited for her first day of school on Thursday! She is going to the preschool that Hayleigh went to for the past 2 years (Young Years Preschool). And for the past year, she has wanted to stay and go to preschool SOOO bad! Her day finally came! (i think i was just as excited as she was - but for differing reasons;)) She knew exactly what to do - she hung up her back pack, gave her teachers her homework and found her name! She's already a pro! The first thing she went to do was the dramatic play area. I'm not surprised though - she is our "dramatic" one alright and has quite the imagination!! It wasn't until she entered our family that Hayleigh would ever play "house" - now those 2 play "house" ALL the time... I can't wait to hear and see what else she enjoys to do. I warned the teachers that she is totally different than her sister and may not be able to get her to stop talking - oh boy... are they in for it! - hehehe

I'm not exactly sure what i will be doing for those 2 days a week - maybe helping out at the various schools, maybe sub or maybe enjoy some girlfriend time! I've been trying to go to the gym at 5am to get my workout out of the way and so far it's been going ok - but it's only been 1 week - hoping to continue it - i've also been able to have more quiet time with my bible in the morning by doing this so i'm really hoping to keep it going...

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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Yay Maylynn! Is it a private preschool? Christian? Tyson goes to a developmental preschool through our school district 4 mornings a week. He gets speech therapy on Tuesdays, but the teacher has a great speech/language background. I think it will be good for him!

Have fun Maylynn, and I'm glad to hear that the girls are playing and getting along. That is great!