Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer's Gone & School has Officially begun...

Our last summer adventure - climbing Badger Mtn:

The First Day of School Pictures:

Brayden entering Middle School -with a nervous tummy:(

Taylor entering High School!

I am so sad that summer is over! I have truly enjoyed this summer - i can't remember a summer better than this one! In the past, we have been so OVERLY busy with summer baseball, hockey, band camps, church camps, vacation trips etc... but this year it was just busy enough to RELAX! I loved it and REALLY needed a relaxing summer and time with the kids. Last year was super crazy - with bringing Maylynn home and the huge adjustment that she had with us and I had with her - it really took a toll on our family but we are MUCH better now and like I said -had a great chillaxin (as Taylor would say) summer!

With summer over we are saying goodbye (for now) to:

  • warm weather (although we didn't have too much of that this year -must be global warming),

  • swimming at gma & pa B's, jet skiing (or sketching as Hayleigh would say),

  • mid week sleepovers,

  • staying up late & sleeping in,

  • waterparks,

  • playing at the parks (Library Park & Howard Amon)

  • camping,

  • band camp,

  • hockey camps & tryouts,

  • early morning swim practice,

  • outdoor swim meets, hikes,

  • outdoor church service

  • & selling hotdogs on Sun. morning at church...

With School officially begining today!we are saying hello to:

  • early morning alarms,

  • making lunches,

  • catching bus (Taylor is riding the bus to school for the first time ever this year!),

  • new gymnastics schedule for Hayleigh,

  • Trombone practicing for Brayden,

  • continuing Worship Band practice for Taylor,

  • Maylynn starting preschool,

  • me hopefully able to help out in the kids classes this year,

  • & maybe Lance & I waking up SUPER early to work out at the Court Club (still praying about this one;))

  • weekend hockey practice & tourneys

  • swim practice & meets

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