Monday, August 23, 2010

Small World/Lifeline Agency Reunion

All the kids together for a group picture
Maylynn, Lily & Hayleigh

Hayleigh, Rebecca & Maylynn

Our agencies that we used to adopt the girls had a reunion last weekend. I think they have one every summer but the only other one that we've made it to was 5 years ago when we were waiting for our referral for Hayleigh. At the reunion, the guests of honor are the China Liaisons. These VERY special ladies play a HUGE role in the adoption of our girls (and everyone else's kids too) They are the ones that do all of the work for us in China and make sure that EVERYTHING goes through perfectly - and they are TRULY THE BEST in the business!! If anyone ever wanted to adopt from China - i would recommend to use whatever agency Lily and Rebecca are working with!

Hayleigh was just 10 months old the last time that we saw Lily in China and that was when Rebecca had just begun helping Lily. Lily was here in the US last year when we got Maylynn- So, last summer we only got to see Rebecca. And Rebecca seemed to remember Maylynn (not sure if she just says that to be nice or if she truly remembers her:) -i'd like to think that she remembers her!
We had a great time in Spokane for the day. Not only did we get to see Lily & Rebecca and other agency friends but also some friend from home that the kids enjoyed playing with. There was carnival games, spin art (the girls loved this!!), ice cream & sno cones!

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