Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taylor turns 14!

Oh my!!! It so amazes me when my oldest gets older! It seems like yesterday when he was born - i remember it so vividly. I also remember thinking what a miracle it is to have a child and for them to be so perfectly made - i thank God for that everyday for my children - what a blessing he (they) are. I also remember what a struggle it was to go through child birth (thanks Eve)-ugh -but it was SO worth it:)

Taylor is such a wonderful young man. I just love being with him. He is kind, compassionate, sensitive of others needs - i remember when he was much younger and he was playing soccer and one of the other kids would get hurt and he'd stop to make sure they were ok (he still is like this). Anything that he puts his mind to he will do his hardest to excel at it whether it be grades or sports or whatever. I love that he has dreams - dreams of playing in a worship band - dreams of playing professional hockey - dreams of being a sports therapist - dreams... He is such an easy going kid - a pleasure to be around - an awesome big brother - he also has a love for the Lord. I love this big boy of mine and am so glad and proud to call him my son!
Thanks God for giving me such a precious child.

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Hoopensnooper said...

Happy Happy Birthday, T.!