Monday, April 19, 2010

Maylynn turns 3!

We were so blessed to finally be able to celebrate Maylynn's Birthday! Last year we were able to send some things to her but we don't really know if she's ever really had a birthday celebration like we do... The girls' birthday's are usually bittersweet. We are so happy and blessed that we get to celebrate it but it also reminds us about what their birthmother and Maylynn's foster mother may be feeling at this time. Maylynn is such a sweet girl and we fall in love with her more and more each day. She is really settling in and it has REALLY helped that we can communicate with her REALLY well! Actually, she talks NON STOP - even more than her big sister! She is so much fun and so stinkin smart - it really amazes me! Anyway - back to birthday celebrations!
These are 3 of the buddies that she had at her party. The weather was a bit questionable Thursday morning but by 11 it was perfect! We all met at the park for some sunshine, birthday fun! She LOVED Pooh Bear when we went to Disneyland over spring break so, we had a Pooh Bear party (the last pooh party we had was when Taylor turned 1:)) Pooh cake, party favors, pinata, etc... she loved it! The kids had happy meals for lunch, played, pulled strings on the pinata (love those types of pinatas! - no injuries with bats!! ) and then cake & gifts. She had so much fun with all of her friends and can't wait to play with them again soon!
Friday night the family gathered to celebrate Taylor & Maylynn's bdays. We had dinner at Taylor's choice - IHOP. yum:) We all love IHOP and who can beat the "kids eat free" deal~!! Afterwards, we came to our house for cake & gifts... OH MY GOODNESS! Maylynn was the cutest!! She was SO excited! She'd peek into a gift bag, pull something out, jump up and down all over the room, show someone what it was and then was back at teh gift bag doing it all over again! It was so precious and brought so much joy to my heart! I seriously think that this was one of the best birthday's that we have ever celebrated with our kids. She was so happy, thankful and loved everything! Unfortunately, the video camera (or the camera man) had some technical difficulties and we weren't able to record any of it:( Oh well, it is so ingrained in my brain and i hope to never forget what a wonderful moment it was. She had waitied so long...

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Gavin's Family said...

Thank You so much for your sweet comments on my blog. We are very excited to finally be with our son. This has been a long haul.
I can not belive how big your girls are, sorry it's been a while since I stoped by your blog. And 3! What a cutie!!!
Happy Birthday to both your kiddo's.