Monday, April 05, 2010

This picture was a miracle! I had my camera on a tripod with a timer - we did it 1 time and it worked!! woohoo! not too bad of a pic either:)
Happy Easter!!!

Easter quickly came upon us expecially since we were on vacation for the week before!

I was hoping these pictures would have posted in the other order... Brayden happily eating his chocolate cross on Easter morning!
Maylynn super excited to get her own bible! (each of the kids got a new one this year-except Taylor - he got a guitar praise worship music book:))

Saturday Nite:

Maylynn quickly caught on to the dye-ing eggs thing - although hers were all a very light shade of orange. So, we had her "redo" some of them in another color while Hayleigh and Brayden continued coloring theirs:)

The egg colorers hard at work!

While we were coloring eggs - Lance and Taylor were in Canada for hockey practice - Yes - Spring hockey has sprung! BUT they made it back very late Sat. night so they could enjoy the rest of our Easter Celebrations!

Of course Sunday morning we went to church and then Sunday afternoon we had a great time at my mom's for the annual egghunt. We were happy to be able to celebrate it with Lance's parents there too. The kids love playing with their cousins...

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