Sunday, April 04, 2010

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We finally made it there! The last time we went to Disneyland was in Dec. 2004 (about the time Hayleigh was born) and our family was way overdue for a "real" family vacation! We've had little mini vacations here and there especially with trying to make our hockey traveling weekends into a fun family "event". We had originally made reservations for last summer with United miles that were going to expire and with Maylynn's adoption being delayed until Aug. we weren't able to go. So, we changed the ticket to Dec but with hockey, we weren't able to go:( So, we changed the ticket for this summer but then hockey ended and it was VERY apparent that our family needed some good quality family time together sooner rather than later! So, instead of using some of our tax $ for a very much needed car for Lance - we decided that since it was still running (barely -can't take it out of town) that we would instead invest in some good family memories - that's what life's all about isn't it!! MEMORIES!! And boy did we have some!

First, i have to say that our kids did absolutely fabulous on the plane. We must have trained them good with all of our out of town trips:) We got in late on Sunday night and slept it with a leisurely Monday morning. Apparently, that is what everyone else decided to do - we learned from day 1 to NOT to sleep in but to get to the park when it opens to make the most of the day and then to go back to nap in the afternoon and then back to the park.

It was so much fun to watch the kids have fun on the rides and to see all of the characters. There's nothing better than experiencing Disneyland through your children - it brought back tons of memories of my childhood at Disney:)

Taylor and Brayden enjoyed the rollercoaster rides the most - so, they'd get fast passes for them and then while they would wait for that time to come they would take the girls on the "littler" rides. They loved being the ones to sit by the girls on rides and help to take them to the characters - it was precious. Such good brothers

Hayleigh and Maylynn enjoyed Fantasyland, Pooh Bear, and Toon town the most - we were super surprised that Maylynn didn't freak out on some of the rides - but she LOVED them. Hayleigh even went on Brayden's favorite railroad rollercoaster ride and had a blast! They went on Dumbo about 3 times - that is one of Maylynn's favorite movies and Pooh too. Maylynn LOVED hugging ALL of the characters but Hayleigh wasn't too sure about it and never really did touch them willingly - even the princesses - she was super shy but it was sweet;)

We did have some frustrating moments - like shutting down a ride with us as the cut off after waiting at least 25 min., me getting sick - i almost made it back to the hotel but didn't quite:(, Taylor getting sick that night too, and sitting outside during the Princess Dinner (a little chlly)those were the biggies... not too bad just some more memories:)

One thing i was a bit dissappointed about was how the workers there weren't as friendly has i had remembered them in the past. I seemed to always remember them with HUGE smiles and very accommodating and helpful. I'm not saying that they were rude or anything but just not as friendly as i remember them being -especially for the "happiest place on earth".

You can see ALL of our pictures HERE on my Shutterfly picture site - enjoy:)

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Were you there last week? We were there all last week!