Monday, January 11, 2010

Mommy's Weekend "off" (sort of)

Last weekend TV had a few games in Kent/Seattle, so we decided this would be a good trip for me to take him - we carpooled with another player so it was nice that i didn't have to drive alone over the pass with questionable weather - the other mom actually did all of the driving:).

We dropped off the boys at the rink and then headed to the hotel to check in - it was weird to be able to take all of the necessities with 1 trip! Then to realize how quiet it was! It wasn't until then that it sunk in - i could do whatever i wanted! I didn't get too wild and crazy... just turned the Television on and watched what I wanted to watch!! Ahhhh - the freedom:) it didn't last long - we headed over to the rink to watch the games - TV did great (his team - not so much:() but at this point I'm just trying to find the positives and not dwell on the negatives. The Lord is definately using this situation for something...

Anyway, we also had some excitement back at the hotel Sat. nite! kinda scary too! Our room was at the end of the hall and when i checked in - i just had a creepy feeling about being all that way down... anyway - about 10pm the emergency exit door alarm went off - i peeked outside our door and saw a guy kitty corner from our room dressed kinda like a "gangsta" (as my kids would say - and my apologies for the stereotype but i think you can visualize it:)) he was holding what looked to be a clear liquid in his clear cup and i don't think i was water... i called the front desk and they eventually turned off the alarm. About 25 min. later, we heard alot of commotion in the hall with alot of "shhushhing" but it continued. it did get a bit quieter - so i peeked out to see what i could see but no luck - all that i could hear was something along this line "hey, hey, hey, no problem - you go down to Federal way and smoke something - then come back here and i'll have it all cracked up for you" WHAT!!! Did i just hear that! He said it over again and again to what sounded like a couple. Oh my! That was probably the first that i'd ever been close to a what appeared to be a drug party thing - ugh... we had no where to go - if we left the room we'd have to walk right past the people. Then the noise got louder! So, i called the front desk again and it rang and rang for at least 1 min. finaly the guy picked up the phone and i asked him if he was aware of the commotion going on outside my room - he siad that he did and that the police had been called. So TV and i just layed there listening and waiting to hear that the police had arrived but then i was thinking what if they had guns@!!@ What would we do? The guy knew that i was in my room - would he try to bust down my door to hide? would there be gun fire going on? TV and i jsut stayed in bed - didn't go by the door or window and hoped that if there was any shooting that the extra walls from the bathroom would help to protect us! it's crazy to think of all of the things taht go through your mind at a time like that! We were definately saying some prayers. As soon as the police did arrive - there was a HUGE MAD scramble in the hall outside our door - people fighting over things and running... what a relief to have silence again! but it was about 20 min later that the exit door alarm went off again - probably someone hiding out and fleeing... and then it was about 10 min later that it was turned off and we could finally go to sleep:) I dont' think that i have ever been so frightened before - it was crazy!

The boys had a few more games on Sunday and then we headed back home. It was great to come home- Lance had cleaned the carpet downstairs (he had to b/c the boys had a nerf gun war in the back yard adn tracked dog poop all over), washed bedding and towels. AND he had dinner ready when we walked in the door! I have such a wonderful husband - i am so incredibly blessed! And it was nice to have a little break from the little ones:)

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