Wednesday, January 06, 2010


There has been so much going on that i just haven't had a good chance to blog about it all... Everyone is tucked into bed - so I'll try:)

I'm not quite sure what happened to the past 6 months - i know... that's what we all say this time of year "wow - last year went so fast - blah blah blah..." but i seriously don't know what happened- oh yeah: adopting, conference, family stuff & holidays! This past week has been a wonderful rest and time to recharge and reevaluate our family "stuff". There have been so many times that i've felt that i'm turning into a "crazy person" that it's scary but i think that we/me can "see the light at the end of the tunnel" I've been bouncing from 1 thing to the next and am SO incredibly thankful that God took my job away from me - i'm not sure i could have done it this year but He also blessed me with a very part time tutoring job that has been such a huge blessing for me:) Right now my "only" passion is taking care of my family, taking care of me and the orphan ministry. That's just how is has to be!

Family- TV is having an ok year at DHMS (great grades) but i'd much prefer that he was at CCS - i just love and miss the kids there:( He is also enjoying his hockey team - which has consummed our weekends... He's had some great exposure opportunities and has he has been noticed for his hockey talent - he is invited to participate in the PNAHA Dev. Camp at the end of the month and to go to a scouting camp in Las Vegas in June - we are really proud of him. Don't ask me what happens if he does get any opportunities to play out of state b/c i'm not sure that i'm ready for that - we are trusting God for His direction:):) I keep telling him that he should play for his hometown team in front of his family and friends but he's not exactly "on board" with that idea:) BV is enjoying is last year in elementary school and loves playing his violin. He has seemed to calm down a bit but he still goes through phases -which seems to be directly related to how much video game playing time he is having. So, that is limited for him and he is doing better at accepting those limits:) He's also been consumming our family week & weekends with swimming! HV is enjoying preschool and we've begun talking about being ready for Kindergarten and what she needs to do. She is struggling with focusing, fine motor BUT her speech is getting much better:) We've actually cut out ALL sugar from her diet and noticed a HUGE difference in her behavior at home over the holidays and her teacher has too (so far)- we are also in the process of having her further evaluated. Ever since we've cut out her sugar - she has been a pleasant child!! MV is blossoming into such a sweetheart! I've been enjoying her more and more (although it's probably because our schedule isn't as hectic anymore) She udnerstands everything! And she is doing a great job in telling us what she needs to - it is amazing how much she has picked up! She actually doesn't ever stop talking!!! by the end of the night my ears hurt! She is doing great at teh various daycares we take her to at church & the club - many times we hear that she'll ask or want me but she manages to make it until we get her - she still prefers to hang out and will "play/tease" the guys at various events - oh well... we'll just have to keep an eye on that;) LV is busy working to keep us all happy:) He's not coaching at the moment... he was doing the stats for TV's team but has recently resigned for various reasons... so, now he's just being the awesome dad that he is and swims at the club while BV is at swim practice.

I'm jsut trying to keep everyone happy and on schedule.... and, I've been trying to go to the gym 3-4 times a week - I've always wanted to have the opportunity to do that and am really enjoying it! Now i just need to change my eating habits so the exercise will start to show that i am getting into shape! To help motivate me/us, Lance and I are doing a "Biggest Loser" competition with some friends at chruch for the next 8 weeks - i'll update that whole thing in a few months:) I also go to our women's bible study on monday mornings - i love going every Monday to sing praise songs and hear what the message that the leader has but i'm not to good at the daily study part - so, whatever gets done is all i have - i guess it's better than nothing:)

The orphan ministry has been such a blessing. It is so much fun to see families growing and reaching out to orphan children everywhere! I host a "coffee talk" small group session once a month at starbucks for us "crazy" adoption/foster care mommies to talk/vent:) We are just planning out our year and am super excited to see what the Lord will do in 2010.

So... that's the latest and behind the scenes stuff - oh - and my mom just retired after 40 years of working for the government:) I'm excited that she gets to go with TV and myself to Colorado Springs in Feb! Should be fun:) On another note - my dad(Dave) has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will have surgery soon. The Dr.'s think that they caught it early but please keep him in your prayers:)


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