Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lance's Bday, originally uploaded by hayleighsmom.

Yesterday was Lance's Bday - we began the day in the wee early morning hour to take Maylynn to get tubes put in her ears - check out her website for more details on that - Since we weren't sure what Maylynn's activity level would be, we had family over to our house for pizza and cake. Then most of us headed over to watch the Am's hockey game. It was great fun!

I love this picture - it looks like he's about ready to lean in and take a huge bite of it! ;)

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Mara said...

Happy birthday to Lance--next year is a biggie! : ) Also, I love the update on everyone. I am so glad you are getting to the gym and I think you are an amazing mom--I don't know how you do it. I do know it is hard to keep sanity all the time with four kids but you're doing a great job!