Friday, January 01, 2010

sledding 2009, originally uploaded by hayleighsmom.

We finally got some good snow - luckily it was after all of our traveling! We had a great time sledding at Canyon Lakes - even Maylynn loved it! Hayleigh amazed me by going head first on the disc with her big brothers- she has no fears. The first few times Maylynn went down with Taylor and she never did that again with him - she scared him too much (and me!)

Christmas went way too fast this year and didn't really feel like Christmas:( Lance had to work through Christmas Eve - we celebrated with his family out in Benton City Eve afternoon and then the 6 of us went to church for the candlelight service - the kids did great and it was a nice service. We then came home and the kids got to open their "usual" PJ's... We sent them to bed b/c Santa was getting tired:) We were amazed that we were able to sleep in until 7:30!! We opened the presents here, had our usual egg strata and played all morning - it was great! After naps, we headed to over to my moms to finish our Christmas traditions and celebrations:)

The next day, we were packed up in the car headed to Seattle for a hockey tournament. We (all 6 of us!) stayed with my very good friend (she'd have to be a very good friend to put up with ALL 6 of us!!!) for 2 nights during his tourney. We had a great time catching up with them and watching Taylor play. Taylor did a great job! We are super proud of his game:)

We luckily made it home the day before all of the snow began to fall - now we are resting and trying to get rejuvenated for the new year. It has been nice having Lance home and just relaxing...

I am hoping to get all of our Christmas Pictures online at my shutterfly site soon - check back:)

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