Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Vickerman Family - A Year in Review... Merry Christmas!!!

I didn't have a chance to write a letter this year, so here is a "list" of a few things that we did this past year... If you want the FULL story, just go down the page a little to the archive tab and you can view the original posts:)

  • Celebrated Lance's bday
  • Attended Taylor's many hockey games
  • We had a family ice skating day - super fun:)
  • Hayleigh started Swim lessons


  • Lance & Hayleigh attended the Father-Daughter Ball
  • Brayden had is first swim meet with the Catfish team - a recreational team at the TCCC
  • More hockey...


  • Lance decided to come out of retirement and coach Brayden's Minor B baseball team
  • Brayden discovers that he loves playing catcher
  • Taylor begins 7th gr. baseball at DHMS but attends Calvary Christian School - so mom has to be a taxi driver:(
  • Kirsten organizes the CCS Middle school "Spring Social"
  • Taylor celebrates his bday early with 2 buddies at Silver Mtn.


  • Kirsten, Hayleigh, Gma B., Gma V. & Gma Jordahl attend a Dessert/Tea party and Kirsten & Hayleigh get to model some clothes
  • Brayden has a chorus concert
  • Easter Traditions - easter eggs and egg hunt
  • Taylor turns 13! and is taller then his parents!!


  • Kirsten goes to Texas to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit and comes back with Tons of ideas on how to do a conference here - so, she starts planning:)
  • Taylor has more hockey tournaments and baseball
  • We had to buy a new water heater:(
  • Lance attended the Men's church retreat
  • Hayleigh had a preschool program on her last day...
  • We finally made it to the final stages of the adoption process to bring Maylynn home! Click on her name to see our website for our journey to bring her home:)


  • Schools out for the summer
  • Swimming at Gma & Pa B's house
  • More baseball for both boys
  • More hockey for Taylor - our family went to Vancouver to watch him and to see the Aquarium
  • VBS
  • Brayden qualified for the Regional Hershey Track meet - but i think he got sick and wasn't able to go... i don't remember...
  • Joined the TCCC


  • Brayden had several summer swim team meets for the Catfish team and did great!
  • We had a great time with friends for the 4th of July
  • Taylor's hockey team played at Whistler -the whole family went... we saw black bears, went Peak to Peak on the gondola, swam and of course watched some good hockey!
  • Taylor went to the International Development Tournament Camp but got sick after a few days and had to come home early:(
  • Lance & I traveled to China to bring Maylynn home!


  • Came home from China on Aug. 6th - settled down at home for most of the month with Maylynn
  • Lots of Dr. appts.
  • Jet Skiing at Howard Amon
  • Hayleigh had swim lessons
  • Taylor's regular season hockey team began - he plays for Kent Valley Elite Bantam


  • Hayleigh back to school
  • No work for Kirsten b/c of state wide Community college budget cuts - but she was blessed with a tutoring job!
  • Taylor started his discipleship group and continues his guitar lessons...
  • Lance fills a big Disciple's Cross order!


  • Brayden turns 11 yrs.!
  • Kirsten celebrated her bday and went to the women's church retreat
  • Brayden made the Channel Cat swim team (competitive team)
  • Taylor had hockey in Canada and was named Asst. Captian
  • Our family had fun at the pumpkin patch!


  • Lance & Kirsten (with the help of the orphan ministry) organized an Orphan conference that was fairly successful and fun!
  • Brayden had a swim meet with the Channel Cats..
  • We spent Thanksgiving in Canada but we were able to stay at our condo and bake a turkey! Yummo!
  • We sold our crosses at our church bazaar - it was fun and profitable:)


  • The boys heard of a very cold wave of weather coming our way and began constructing an ice rink in the backyard - they were finally successful this year!
  • Hayleigh turned 5 yrs.!
  • Brayden had his first orchestra concert playing the violin and he had another swim meet
  • Taylor and I traveled to Trail, BC for a hockey tournament
  • The day after Christmas we are scheduled to go to Seattle for another hockey tournament and to visit some dear friends:)

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