Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Zamboni

Our Zamboni, originally uploaded by hayleighsmom.

If you thought that the previous post of the tractor zamboni was something else, here's our zamboni!

The boys (big & little) has built and made an ice rink in our backyard. They try to do this every year and they heard that we were expecting some super cold tempuratures so... the construction began! They took down our trampoline and lined our gravel pit with tarps and then began the careful and strategic layers of water!! There were a few shakey days when we/I thought it was a lost cause but they hung in there and it WORKED! Taylor has been having an awesome time getting some "ice time" in his own backyard - this is great because our local association TCAHA won't let him on the ice here - very sad b/c we have been involved and a part of the association for sooo long (10 yrs) but since he is playing at a higher level in another city they (TCAHA) won't let him on the ice during "stick time" :( So - hopefully OUR ice will stick around for awhile:)

Brayden and Hayleigh have also been enjoying their ice skating - they'll go out there and skate whenever - very cool:) Maylynn is more of a warm weather gal like her mom:) She'll occasionally go out to drive in the zamboni:)

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