Monday, December 14, 2009

Tractor Zamboni, originally uploaded by hayleighsmom.

Taylor and I just got home from a tournament in Trail, BC. This is about 3 hours north of Spokane... One of the rinks that we had to play at featured this fine looking zamboni! I've never seen anything like it! the other rink that we had a few games at was much nicer and more like the Toyota Center here... I guess i've been spoiled at the other "top of the line" rinks that we've been to recently in Canada and was not expecting the FRIGID temps we had to endure during the game -oh well - it was worth it!

We had a great time - i just love watching him play and am amazed at his God given talent. This is the first year that the team has been together so they are going through some "growing pains" but each time they play they seem to be coming together more and more as a team. The team did a little better this past weekend but we were all hoping for a little better outcome - oh well... I have been trying to just focus on Taylor's game and he did a great job... I definately think that choosing to play on this team was a step in the right direction for him. He has gotten alot more exposure and will hopefully have more opportunities presented to him.

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