Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hayleigh's 5th bday, originally uploaded by hayleighsmom.

I can't believe that Hayleigh just turned 5! She is growing up so fast - don't they all:) We survived her 4 day celebration!!

Sunday we quickly drove home from Brayden's swim meet to meet family at Red Robin to have her family bday dinner and then back to gma B's for cake and gifts - she had so much fun opening her presents and having cake - the kids love this family tradition:)

Monday - she got to bring bday treats to preschool - we made gingerbread muffins witha drizzle of frosting - her preschool doesn't want them to bring cupcakes so this was the next best thing! She walked around the house all day in her bday crown:)

Tuesday - was her actual bday... after attending Brayden's orchestra concert, we came home and gave her gifts from us...

Wednesday - (the last day of celebrations...) she invited a few friends and cousins to Burger King for her bday party. She had great time and it was probably the easiest and cheapest party EVER!!! We bought dinner for her friends, they played a game, ran around the toys, had her Ni Hao Kai Lan cake (which i had to special order b/c they don't make the line of bday stuff...) and opened presents. Then it was off to church -whew!

She had a great time being the center of attention - Maylynn had a hard time understanding that these new toys were Hayleigh's - however, now that the novelty has worn off of her new things, the girls are back to sharing pretty good:)

Can't wait to celebrate Maylynn's bday in April - i think she will LOVE it - she already knows the birthday song and how to blow out candles - she blew Hayleigh's out for her -oops... we had a redo:)

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