Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where did November go??

OK - i finally had a chance to look at the blog and am so sad tht it's been almost a month since my last posting! So, i am writing this in the car on our way to Birch Bay for Thanksgiving weekend - TV has a tourney in Abbotsford...

Our (Lance's & mine) biggest thing going on was planning an orphan conference for the orphan ministry that we are involved with at church. We started planning it back in May but the big chunk of work was in June (before our trip to China), August (right after our trip) and October! In June, i had to schedule and confirm the speakers, August to reconfirm the speakers and get our website developed so we could advertise and register online and in October to finish it up with all of the other details! We had an amazing team of people to help - it was so awesome to see how we all came together to pull off our first conference! WE had over 16 speakers, 12 exhibitor tables with information for people and over 100 attendees. For our 1st conference it seemed to be a very successful free conference! WE are all making notes on what to add to it and are looking forward to next year! We had topics on orphan care, foster care & all types of adoption.

So, as you can see - that was a big job! But we did have a few moments to spare which was filled with hockey and swimming... The first weekend, Lance and TV made a trip to Kamloops, BC for a tourney - they didn't fair too well - we are hoping they do better this weekend... While they were in Canada, Aunt Heidi went with the rest of us to see Where the Wild things ARe (Maylynn's first movie) and it was a good thing she went with us b/c Maymay had a ticklish cough that sounded bad and we had to leave a few times until she was okay:( Then we ventured down to Claire's where Maylynn got her ears pierced! She did a great job and had a very delayed cry - but it didn't last too long... and now she is proud to show off her pretty ears that look just like her sister, mom & grandmas:)

The second weekend was the conference... (see above:))

The third weekend (last weekend) Lance took BV and MV to Cheney for BV's swim meet - he did great! He improved on all of his times - i don't have them with me, so i'll try to post them later... TV headed to Kent for practice. HV and i had Christmas bazaar duty - we sold our disciple's crosses at our church bazaar. It was the only bazaar we have time for this year - luckily, it was pretty successful and we sold at least 30 crosses!

That's about it for the most of November - i hope to update the blog again after Thanksgiving :)

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