Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend!

For the first time EVER!!! we did not spend thanksgiving with our parents! It was very strange... but we did have a good time just the 6 of us! Wow - that sounds like alot when i say it was just the 6 of us - funny:) but it doesn't seem like alot...anyway... the previous posts that i posted last weekend, i wrote in the car on the way to Birch Bay (Blaine, WA) We stayed in our timeshare condo that we have from Worldmark (love it - the best investment that we've EVER made!) it is like our home away from home and there are locations almost everwhere we ever need or want to go (however, lately we've been wishing that there were more in Canada;)) We were there because Taylor's hockey team had a tournament in Abbotsford, B.C. - located about 45 min. NE of Birch Bay.

We started Thanksgiving Thursday out super early - TV had a 7:30 am game which meant that i had to wake up at 4am to get everyone out of the door by 5am so we could cross the border and get to the rink by 6:15am... we made it! His team didn't do too hot on Thursday - which was super unfortunate b/c there was TONS of WHL & ?HL scouts there - i've never seen so many scouts ever - it was crazy! Anyway, by the end of the 2nd game (he had 2 on Thursday) - i was so tired and upset - tired of keeping the little ones occupied and not fighting with each other or getting hurt (which had previously happened...) by myself - b/c Lance was too busy keeping "stats" ugh... and upset that TV wasn't playing up to his potential... I was so glad once we got back to the condo and started to fix our dinner - it was delicious! We had prtty much all of the fixins and i LOVED being able to get in my jammies and eat turkey! it was the best!!
Friday we were able to spend 5 minutes looking at the ocean (see pic above) and sadly, that was all we saw of it:( the rest of the time was at the rink BUT i discovered a drop in daycare!!! That was the absolute BEST thing about the weekend!!! I love the rinks in Canada - they always seem to have some sort of family perk for us:)!!! So, guess where the girls played during the rest of the games!! woohoo!! Friday nite Taylor stayed with his team at the hotel and attended a WHL hockey game while the rest of us went back to the condo and ate all of the leftovers - that's the best thing too about staying at the condo -you have to eat the leftovers or they just go in the garabage:( so sad, throwing out pumkpin pie...
We were able to head home a day early b/c things never really did get better for the team - they lost all of their games but after a little "heart to heart" with Taylor Friday morning - he played much better -and am looking forward to watching him this weekend in Wenatchee!
Those were the highlights of our Thanksgiving trip - we were so thankful that the pass was great, that we didn't have too long of delays at the border crossings, and most of all - that we were all together!
ps - i didn't take too many pics of hockey - i wasn't in the mood, and the pic of the building is our condo...

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