Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Channel Cat!

(To see more pictures from Octoberfest - click on "Kirsten's Pics" link on the right side of the blog.)

Last weekend was Brayden's first "official" swim meet. He was in the TCCC catfish swim program and had a few meets to get a taste of swimming but it was nothing like the real deal! He participated in the Octoberfest in Ellensburg at CWU (aw... the memories of our first 2 yrs. at college - unfortunately, we were unable to stroll around campus like we wanted to.) this past weekend and did a great job. He only got disqualified once - on his first heat - when he dove in the water, his goggles came off and he had a hard time recovering and got out of the pool after 1 lap - i think his nerves had kicked in a bit too... He is sooo competitive and wants to win - but we told him that this is about the experience of a meet, getting some times and figuring out how not to get DQ'd. That didn't matter much to him - he was pretty nervous the whole weekend. He finished in about 8th place for most of his events -which was great considereing it was his first meet and he was the absolute youngest in his division. They go by birthdays - so, he just turned 11 to put him up into the 11/12 yr. old division - i told him that he was competing against some boys that were probably almost 13!

Here are his times:

100yd breast: 1:50.19
50yd fly: 47:00
100yd back: 1:42.64
50yd free: 37.08
50yd back: 49:00
200yd free relay: 2:25.57
50yd breast: 53.61
100yd free 1:29.16

So... now we just keep track of his times and see how much he improves this season:)

It was a special weekend for him too because we got to take a trip out of town for him! We stayed in our home away from home - Holiday Inn Express :) It was a nice trip despite the girls being sick...


elizabeth said...

Go Brayden!!!!

Holloman said...

Wow! That seems like a lot of events to participate in in one meet. Good Job BV~!