Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So - what's been goin' on???

This past week we've been trying to get caught up on things and take care of some "stuff" that happened this week -

We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July with some friends from church - these pictures are compliments of Anji b/c i was too lazy to take my camera out of the bag:( (thnx Anji)
Brayden on the hunt to soak someone! Taylor on the run too!

Hayleigh had fun hangin' with her buddy (and occasion babysitter) Rachael!
As you can see - all kids were wonderfully occupied during the 4th of July and Lance and I had an awesome time just having "grown up" conversations with some old & new friends:)
A few of the other "things" we had to take care of this past week was my back window getting smashed in while i was working off some stress at the Court Club - (i just love the "group kick" class = i just invision all my stressors and fighting it/them away - LOL!! :):) it is great!!!) So, when i got out of class - no stress and i didn't let the window get to me either - actually - things like this are to be expected with being so close to bringing Maylynn home - it happened with the adoption of Hayleigh too! - Luckily, we have some great friends in "high" places and our window was fixed in less than 24hrs! ha - take that window smashers!!!:):):)
Also, i got final word that due to state wide budget cuts - i no longer have a job at WWCC. So, i spent the last week, finalizing that job which included packing up the preschool -ugh... So, now i'm kinda looking for a very parttime job (i'd like to work only on Fridays) maybe i'll have to sub at the school district ??? Or - maybe i'll just have more time at home with my kiddos:) Still praying about that whole thing:)
The next several weeks for our family include more hockey tourneys, hockey camp, church camp, my 20yr reunion, an orphan ministry event and hopefully a trip to China!!! should be busy - not too sure when i'll have a chance to post again....

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