Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A picture of one of Taylor's goals! He's the blue #9 guy:)
July 1 was Canada Day- Hayleigh was sporting her new Canada hockey jersey - she was so excited to wear it! And this was her first time in Canada:)

Yes - we're in Canada - our main purpose is Taylor's hockey tournament - they placed 2nd at the tournament - but we've managed to do a couple of fun things for the kids while we are here.

We just happened to go into a Chinese grocery store on Sunday - it was so cool - i loved it - i can't wait to go! It smelled like China! All of the products were like the ones in China with both english and chinese writing - the bakery had steamed buns etc... i ended up buying the little jelly candy cups that you squeeze into your mouth - Hayleigh loves them but the boys wont' try them:)

Today we found a neat park that we will probably go back to tomorrow - they are having some special things there b/c it's Canada Day tomorrow - not sure why or what that means - i'll have to google it:)

We also went to the Vancouver Aquarium today - the little ones had a great time!

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