Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer's off to a busy start!

Taylor finished his first year in the 13yr. old division of Babe Ruth - here are some pics of his last game... Getting dirty while trying not to get picked off of 2nd base.

Hitting a double!

We all (except Lance), helped or attended our church's "Crocodile Dock" VBS last week. It was Hayleigh's first year of being able togo and she LOVED it. Brayden had fun too. Taylor helped out in the preschool room's "Bible Bayou" and i was a crew leader for the K/1st grade. There was about 320 kids that went - it was huge and tons of fun! I loved the music and am still singin the tunes:)

This is a picture of some excitement at our house Monday nite! Luckily it was just a bull snake and we just "shoo-ed" him away to kill the little mice we keep finding around... hopefully, bull snakes are all that we find...

And, of course we are busy getting ready for Maylynn to come home! Just finished putting together her dresser and rearranging the girls' closet:)

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