Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yeah! We are ALL so glad that it's finally summer! The weather has been beautiful and we are ready to PLAY! The last day of school for TV was on Tuesday and the last day for BV was on Wed. BV & HV were so excited to have Jeff and his sister Allie come home with us to swim - we thought it would be a fun way to start the summer break. They had a great time:)

Then - HV got sick Wed. nite and our summer fun plans came to a screetching (sp?) halt! HV finally was back to her self by Friday afternoon and we are praying that no one else gets it - it was a flu type bug:(

We are looking forward to VBS this week at our church, soon after that we will be traveling to Vancouver BC for TV's hockey tourney, a few weeks after that we will be going to Whistler for another hockey tourney but plan on extending it a few days for a family vacation, then TV has a hockey camp later in July, BV is going to church camp at Ghormley and Lance & I are hoping to go to China sometime this summer:) In our down time, we plan on playing in the pool or at the Court Club.

It should be a fun and hopefully relaxing summer!

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