Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A "Brayden" update...

Brayden had a great time playing baseball these past few months. He settled in playing catcher - it must be in the family genes for this position - Lance played it and Taylor played it too... He seemed to really enjoy it:) It was fun watching him play and hang with his friends but now it's over. Their team had their 2nd loss in the City Tournament on Monday.
Now it's time for Swimming and Track. I plan on signing him up for the Summer Catfish program - he's really looking forward to that. He has such nice smooth stroke - it's fun to watch:) He also will have fun with his buddy Jeff!

Last night he had his first Track meet for the season. It really snuck up on us and we had a hard time finding the information about the Hershey district qualifying meet. Lance found the info on Monday and the meet was on Tuesday! It is usually advertised in the Parks and Rec brochures - but not in Kenn.:( Anyway, we showed up but not too many others did... But he did great! He ran the 100m dash in 15.99 seconds to earn First place, he got 1st place in the standing long jump at 6'3" (we think) and he got 2nd place in the 200m dash (not sure of his time). So, now he gets to go to Olympia to compete at the State level on June 27th! We went last year and it was a shocker! Very competitive but we'll be there just for fun!!

Good job Bray!!

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