Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Memory filled Memorial Day Weekend!

Our weekend started out with some TERRIFIC news! We received our LOA for Maylynn's adoption. We are now at the next step and entering the final phase! We are so excited! Please pray for speedy processing of paperwork so we can bring her home this summer!!

We didn't have any plans for the weekend which was wonderful. We were able to pour some concrete in an area that has been a nuisance since we moved in! There was definately some memories made with that process! Just don't ask about the rivets in the back yard, broken sprinklers & hideous finish work!

We also had our first "fire pit" fire in our backyard. It sure felt like summer roasting marshmellows and eating smores. And the best thing about this was that we didn't have to go camping to do it!! Love that!!!

We also spent some time making memories at the park flying kites. Just ask the boys what a sight it was watching their mom chasing (with her camera bag and camera wrapped around her neck)after the kite that Hayleigh accidentally let go took off across the park!

And we made our first swimming memories for the summer at my parents pool. (Oreo -the dog - doesn't particularly care to swim by the way) :)

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