Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer is just around the corner and I'M READY!!!

I am so very thankful that the school year is winding down... I finished my last day of work with my Burbank Preschool (just a few loose ends to tie up), I have 2 weeks left at the CBC preschool and those days are field trips - Woohoo!!! Hayleigh had her last day of preschool today - they had a program where they sang some precious songs and then we had a family picnic.

Taylor and Brayden only have a few weeks left - i can't wait! Then we are into our summer schedule. I am hoping that it won't be too busy... Taylor just has a few weeks left of Babe Ruth baseball and then some hockey tournaments and a camp. Brayden will be starting swimming soon. Hayleigh might start gymnastics...

Last weekend - Lance had a great time at the Church's men's retreat, but while he was gone our water heater bit the dust!! So, we should never NOT have HOT water again!!! Woohoo!!

Lance's parents were able to take Taylor to Vancouver, Canada for a hockey tournament last weekend. TV did a great job and led his team in points and goals! I think they placed 7th out of many, many teams.

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