Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This and That...

Let's see where do i start??? Well, we ended up at KGH again on Sunday - Lance and i could NOT even beleive it!!! Can you even imagine - this was a 3rd time there in 1 month!! Holy Cow - we are hoping that we won't be back there for another 10 years!!! For pete's sake!!! I'm kicking myself b/c i had just asked Taylor what time it was and was just about to get H. to take a bath to put to bed but i really wanted to finish a paragraph in the book i was reading "The Strong Willed Child" by James Dobson - so it wasn't 2 minutes later that i hear "OH MY GOSH!!!!" from Lance at the TOP of his lungs!!! i knew something bad happened -yikes! I rushed out to meet him at the top of the stairs with H. in his arms - she had been climbing all over him and the couch like a jungle jim and a 10x13 picture on the wall fell down and sliced the top of her ankle open - the glass didn't break so it just must have been the frame itself that cut her. We immediately looked at each other in disbelief that we had to go to the hospital again. So, she ended up with 6 stitches! Poor thing:( Here's a picture just for the record:):) Pretty isn't it!

On to funner things... We finally got a fire pit and we have really been enjoying roasting marshmellows - if you ever want to join us just stop by - we'd love to have you:)

Yesterday was finally the last day of school - The boys were excited because we decided to get them a pet! Thankfully they both agreed on Leopard Geckos - they are really cute and fun to hold - Taylor named his "Hutch" and is holding him in the pic below and Brayden named his "Max" but Max didn't want to come out for a pic - so he hid out in his rock thing... I'll have to get a pic of him later.

That's all for now - i've got ot get T. off to guitar lessons...

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