Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Latest...

Last weekend we had Lance & Taylor's team party - it was a great time. We will really miss this team - we had a wonderful group of kids and parents, it was really fun:) You can read a pretty good recap of the season at http://seco2008.blogspot.com/ Our team's record was 30-5 overall! Now we are on to ALL STARS!!!
On Saturday the Track results were in the paper - i know that it is a little hard to read:) so, i'll translate it for you: Brayden ran the 100 in 16.75 seconds; the 400 in 1:31.15 minutes and the standing long jump was 5'2". So we will go to Olympia at the end of the month.

Also, I had some "pay back" time from Lance on sunday night - i did give him kind of a hard time when he had to go in for stitches on his head! Lance had to take me to KGH to get taken care of... i accidentally stabbed my left hand with some scissors while trying to remove some VERY STICKY duct tape from a childproof door knob (which isn't very childproof if you have to put duct tape around it so a certain child can't pry it apart!!!) Anyway, we got in and out of there in about 1hr - not bad for Sunday nite at 8pm! and all they did was put some steri strips on and a few bandaids - i thought for sure i was going to have a few stitches (itches as Hayleigh says:))

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