Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Heavy Heart...
Well, I'd like to introduce you to Kay. She is the absolute precious little girl that we sponsor at Harmony Outreach As soon as she was announced to be in the care of Harmony, we fell in love with her and began sponsoring her. She was abandoned probably because of the one-child policy and her need for surgery for her cleft lip. She will be 2 on Oct. 6th (my bday). While John Bentley was here for the fundraiser we did for Harmony, he mentioned that he thought that her file was at the CCAA for international adoption. We have been praying about adopting her ever since. Our hearts are heavy right now because we have tried several different angles on trying to adopt her. It is "illegal" in China to pre-identify a child but it has been done before. It seems that with the way the "Waiting Child" program has began to change, that it will be next to impossible for us to adopt her. We have called a few agencies but we haven't been able to find one that will help us. The China director of the agency that we used to adopt Hayleigh has stopped taking applications because of the new waiting child policies- we were hoping that based on our past relationship with them that they would help but they too said that it would be impossible... Although - "With God anything is possible."
I really would like Hayleigh to have a sister from China, i guess it is just not God's timing right now.

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