Thursday, June 05, 2008


May was just a blurrrrr!!!! We started the month of with a Chili Feed Fundraiser for Harmony Outreach located in China and were blessed having the Executive Director stay with us. We absolutely loved hearing about how the Lord has shown Himself to them and how they have been obedient in living a life for God as He has planned. Since having him here our orphan ministry stuff has taken off at a speed that we were not ready for. Our church now has 3 families pursueing international adoption, so we've been busy trying to be supportive of them with fellowship and organizing fundraisers. The middle of May i attended an adoption workshop which was interesting but i don't think starting a domestic adoption agency is what is in store for me right now. But i did learn that Antioch Adoptions is a great agency for a "no fee" adoption - so if you know anyone - pass the work and check out:

In the midst of all the wonderful things that has been going on with the orphan ministry, the kids have continued to keep us busy!!

Taylor's baseball team placed 1st in their Major Division League and also participated in a tournament in Pendleton and they did really good considering the competition were All Star teams... We are in the middle of the City Tourney right now. He also made the All Star team -so we will be consumed with more baseball especially since Lance is the Head coach!

Brayden earned his God & Me award in Cub Scouts, attended the "zoo snooze" at church - Lance & B. were able to spend the night at the portland zoo - they had a great time and made a monkey treat/toy. Brayden also competed in the Hershey District Track Meet in the 100m, 400m and standing long jump - he placed 2nd in each event and will compete in the state tournament at the end of June!!!

It was a rainy day but the grandparents toughed it out!

Hayleigh has been talking more, her gymnastics is over, as well as preschool. Not much else to say about her other than she continues to be busy and needs a sister! We are all praying about this! :) We did find time to play in the sunshine and model the new swim suit:)

Some Memorial Day weekend fun...

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