Monday, June 23, 2008

Longview Tournament Weekend fun????

Well, i think that we had fun last weekend... It was fun watching Taylor's team come and play together a little bit better. The bummer was that it was single elimination so, after they lost their first game on Sunday (which they had already won about 4 games by then) by 1 run we had to go home:( Taylor did a great job - he pitched, played first base and did a wonderful job hitting. Lance did a great job coaching too - i felt sorry for him though when he sent our last hitter to 2nd base and the outfielder threw him out to end the tourney :(

However, aside from baseball, as soon as we arrived Friday afternoon Brayden started to complain about a headache - i quickly got him some motrin and had him lay down in the shade during the first game. Half way into the game Lance came down with a headache and B. started to feel a bit better (the meds were kickin in). After the game we got dinner, Lance layed down to nap and i was hoping that all was well. Not so - Lance still had a headache and about 30 minutes into the 2nd game B. started to throw up on the way to the bathroom, we finally made it to the bathroom, which was not very close to where we were sitting, he got sick a bunch more - poor guy:(:( So, B., H. and I left to go back to the trailer... B. got sick again during the night:( Lance got home to report that his team tied the game - but he was pretty ticked b/c they should have won it but made some errors in the 6th inning! He still wasn't feeling well... And, as soon as i got everyone and everything settled i came down with chills too! We had Taylor stay the night with G&G V. and the rest of us had a restless night:( The next morning B. & I stayed in the trailer and slept - as long as we kept advil or tylenol in us we were fine. L., T. & H. came back from the game and we all slept some more. B. started to feel a little better - L. & I still had occasional headaches and sore throats... So, as you can see - it was quite a weekend! We are really glad to be home! and hopefully that's the end of our sicknesses!@!!!

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What a bummer that you guys weren't feeling well. I hope you are all better soon.
Hope you are having a great summer!