Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A visit to Detroit...

Pre-game with Krotz & Grant

I love this handicap sign at the rink:)
I had a great time visiting Taylor in Detroit!  I ended up getting there  a day before Taylor was to arrive.  So, since my big bday is coming up - i decided to treat myself:)  We ended up staying in a really nice hotel (it used to be the Ritz Carlton) for a great price! They happened to have a spa so i treated myself to a facial-  it was wonderful.  Afterwards, i took a little nap to get a little bit more of a beauty rest:) and then found some shopping close by.  Soon, Taylor arrived!  I was thrilled to actually get to hug & kiss him!  I was also impressed that he had a bday card for me with my favorite gift card - Starbucks!  What a sweetheart - i miss him...  We had a nice dinner together before game time - we actually had alot of nice quiet meals together.  It was nice to just visit with him face to face to find out how everything was going.  He seems to love his billets, like school, and loves the hockey! I guess i couldn't ask for anything more:)  His team did very well - these games were for league play.  They tied their first game (should've won) and won all of the rest!  Taylor had a few assist and played really good - i love watching him:)

It was really hard saying good bye - i miss him terribly but wouldn't change a thing.  I'm so happy that he's been given this opportunity and is chasing his dream to the NHL...

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