Friday, October 07, 2011

Look who's finally 40...

Yes - the day has come and i've entered the "40's".   I remember turning 30 and was super excited - i guess they were all right... - but, i know one thing is for sure - God TOTALLY changed my life in those years and for that i am eternally grateful!  I am looking forward to seeing what He has planned for the next 10 years:)

October is a crazy busy month in our family - tons of bdays & sporting events etc... so, i'm trying to do my best to stay on top of my blogging...

Yesterday, i was blessed with my favorite Starbuck's coffee and breakfast (Egg McMuffin & oatmeal from McD's) and the company of my amazing hubby (he's usually at work by 6am).  Then was welcomed with some special bday wishes at school and ended the day at Fiesta Mexican Restaurant with some close family & friends for dinner.

Lance likes to do surprise parties (so do i :)) but, this year i wasn't in the mood and didn't really want to wonder what was going on etc... so, i made him promise - NO SURPRISES AND NO BIG PARTIES - he pretty much obeyed;)  He only surprised me with tickets to the "Casting Crowns" concert on Tuesday - i got to go with Camille, s-i-l Kelly and niece Kylie - we had a great time!  Loved the company and the concert:) And then last night he put together a little video for me - i think it's about 7 min long but it was special:)  I'll try to post it below... I was ok watching the video until pictures of Taylor showed up - i miss him terribly but am happy for what he's experiencing:)

Long time friends - AnnaMaria, Me, Camille & Elizabeth

I wasn't able to upload the video - hopefully this link will work: Kirsten's 40th bday party video

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