Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Beginnings...

Taylor - 10th grade

Brayden - 7th grade 

Maylynn - K4

Hayleigh - Kindergarten

The beginning of the school year went surprisingly good for all the kids here at home - i think this was the first year with no nervous tummy's!!  However, i believe that Taylor was pretty nervous going to a new school etc but it sounds like he survived and will do just fine!

Me, however, i'm hoping so!  Not being able to wake up and kiss my big boy in the morning before school has made me super sad and miss him:(  I keep trying to remember how his cheek felt the last time i kissed him and many times i find myself kissing Brayden extra kisses just to make up for the ones that i miss out on giving Taylor - kind of weird i know... but extra kisses are always good!  I'm counting down the days that i get to see him again - Sept 29th! :)

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