Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Summer Ball - 

We have another summer filled with baseball fun!  We've had about 2 summers off of no baseball and now we are back at it!  Lance is coaching again but this time it is Brayden's tournament team! This is the "b" team but it is super fun.  Most of the boys have a really great attitude and know that winning isn't everything - they just want to play ball with their buddies.  The families are great and we(Lance & I) were super excited when we saw the roster - we personally know almost every family!  so, it makes it for fun times!

In Taylor's spare time, he is helping to coach.

One of Maylynn's friends (Kendra) playing at the ball field

We have every weekend filled with baseball.  Only 2 tournaments are out of town and baseball will be over by July 9th - not too bad...

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